Our Story

We help brands reach their audience through conversational experiences like chatbots

About the Company

EyeLevel.ai is the world’s leading native marketing platform for chat and conversational experiences. We use the rich data set generated by user interactions with messaging and chat AI assistants to create more contextual, personalized connections between brands and consumers.

​Our customers are brands and businesses, across dozens of industries, who value engaging with customers and users through unique, targeted, highly personalized experiences. Our clients understand how critical it is to position their business or brand at eye level for every customer interaction.

EyeLevel.ai was formed by a founding team with years of experience building, designing and launching consumer facing IoT, AI & Machine learning software products for Fortune 500 brands. After observing that there were no easy ways to connect brands with consumers in messaging, chat and voice experiences, EyeLevel.ai was founded.

Meet the Team

Benjamin Fletcher


Ryan Begley


Stephanie Ludwig

Chief Design Officer

Mike Werner


Eric Barkie

Director of Engineering

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